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Intuitive, quick & Affordable

The future of Care Planning

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A unique care planning solution so intuitive it will rewrite the way in which you build, review and manage your care assessments.

Our Offer to you.

Our Offer to you.

  • Cloud based real-time

  • Provides quality & accuracy

  • Person centered dashboard

  • Bespoke assessments

  • Intuitive

  • Quick

  • Affordable

A care sector

Fusion are proud to announce the launch of our new care planning module

The system is an industry breakthrough allowing the care workers to build their own assessments by utilising the wizard tools included in our ecareplan.

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Complete Assessments

Use our standard templates or tailor your own.

Create ecareplan

Information from assesments creates person centred plans

Review & Maintain

Reassess real-time data to meet the individual needs.

Bullet pointWhat is ecareplan

ecareplan offers you an electronic care planning system free of manual upgrades, backups and pricey consultations. You will always be on the latest version of a cloud based solution, as ecareplan will add upgrades in small steps making the move to cloud software is much less disruptive to your business.

There is no need for expensive servers, you simply sign up, login and access your plans from any online device.

Bullet pointFeatures

  • Reduces handwriting mix ups
  • Easy to print pages
  • Provides audit data trails
  • Consistant data capture
  • Quick and easy for carers
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